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The Fools - Weight Wedgie

Views: 11,240 | Username: TheFools Page
Truck Pulling Wedgie

Views: 89,458 | Username: OurHumorNetwork
My friend lost the bet

Views: 501 | Username: Edwin Millard
Wedgie Pinata version A

Views: 41,039 | Username: OurHumorNetwork
Gravity Table Wedgie

Views: 68,014 | Username: OurHumorNetwork
Squeaky Clean :)

Views: 119 | Username: Ambrosia Rocha
Gay Al loves a good wedgie

Views: 3,925 | Username: woodz77
Hilarious fart in the face wakeup

Views: 123,901 | Username: matsflaaten
Best fart in the face

Views: 5,255 | Username: Fattal10
Birthday Fart Prank

Views: 6,156 | Username: Beaudascious
Ton O Farts

Views: 10,690 | Username: duz101019
Butt to Face

Views: 1,124 | Username: Mike McCray
Wedgie blitz

Views: 3,283 | Username: jaleel ali
Grade A wedgie (Short Version)

Views: 70,019 | Username: OurHumorNetwork
Zipline Wedgie Version A

Views: 35,097 | Username: OurHumorNetwork
Stinky face

Views: 46 | Username: Lindsay Leone
squeaky clean wedgie

Views: 5,375 | Username: mack dad

Views: 44,899 | Username: guanajuatomusical1
Andrew lost a bet

Views: 833 | Username: mxkid003
Zach Farts On Grants Face For His Easter

Views: 4,603 | Username: jake sorosiak

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